• Bafta Cymru Nominee the_title()
    • Feature

    • American Interior

    • ie ie productions and commissioned by S4C in association with Film Agency for Wales/ 2014
    • BAFTA Cymru Awards 2014: Photography Factual Nomination

      Official Selection: SXSW Film Festival, USA 2014, Toronto HOTDOCS, Canada 2014, Indie Lisboa 2014, Free State Film Festival 2014, Distrital Film Festival, Mexico 2014, Cine Tonalá Bogotá, Colombia 2014

      American Interior is on general release in the UK by Soda Pictures (2014) (UK) (theatrical) & S4C (2014) (UK) (TV)
      Funded by Film Agency for Wales & Penguin Publishing

      Shot on the Canon C300 and Canon 5D mark iii with vintage Nippon Kogaku / Nikon lenses over 3 months in the USA, England and Wales. Black and White. 92 minutes.

      Cinematographer: Ryan Owen Eddleston
      Director: Dylan Goch / Gruff Rhys
      Producer: Catryn Ramasut, Production Company: Ie Ie Productions
      Cast: Gruff Rhys, Editor: Dylan Goch

      "A hugely charming and visually gorgeous film."
      Stephen Dalton - The Hollywood Reporter
      ''Shot almost entirely in black and white, the photography of vast landscapes of the Midwest is sumptuous – reminiscent of Brazilian photographer Sebastiao Salgado.'' Leonardo Rossetti - junsuifilms
      "The cinematography is imaginative and executed with vivid, exciting flourishes of technique." Greg W - supajam
      "Beautifully shot in vivid digital it’s a film that is made by filmmakers who knew exactly the type of film they wanted to make." Dave O’Flanagan - dogandwolf

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    • Feature

    • The Poet Who Loved the War: Ivor Gurney

    • BAFTA Cymru Awards 2014: Photography Factual Winner
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    • Neon Neon – Postcards From Italy

    • Coming Soon
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    • Alan Davie

  • Film

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      • Feature

      • Benny & Jolene

      • Jolene Films / Verve Pictures / 2014
      • London LOCO Film Festival 2014
        Glasgow Film Festival 2014
        Borderlands Film Festival 2014
        Ffresh Film Festival 2014

        Released in 5 cinemas June 6th 2014 by Verve Pictures (2014) (UK) (theatrical)

        A low budget feature film shot over 5 days in England and Wales, shot on the Canon 5D mark iii with vintage Nippon Kogaku / Nikon lenses. 88 minutes.

        Director Of Photography: Ryan Owen Eddleston
        Directed by Jamie Adams, Produced by Jon Rennie, Edited by Sara Jones
        Cast: Craig Roberts, Charlotte Ritchie, Dolly Wells, Rosamund Hanson, Tom Rosenthal, Richard Elis, Laura Patch, Nicola Reynolds, Keiron Self

        "Shot with a hand-held, freewheeling lightness of touch... to its handsome Welsh mountain landscapes." Stephen Dalton - The Hollywood Reporter
        "the duo's beautifully shot journey through rainy Wales" Ben Cardew - NME
        "the camerawork is lovely, picking out the areas of interest with a peppy euphoria." Glenn Sturdy - So So Gay
        "various lenses and focal lengths to put some lush Welsh scenery on screen in this festival road movie." Giles Broadbent
        "smooth-as-silk soft focus portraiture" Cameron Ward - The Movie Jerk

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      • Feature

      • GUARDiANS

      • Picked up
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    • Feature

    • The Sheepish Approach

    • Picked up for Sky’s PLAYHOUSE PRESENTS series
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    • Feature

    • A Wonderful Christmas Time

    • Verve Pictures / 2014

  • Music Videos

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      • Music Video

      • Joe Goddard (Hot Chip)

      • Subject To Change
      • Featured on PromoNews

        Director Of Photography: Ryan Owen Eddleston
        Director: Mark James
        Producer: Ryan Owen Eddleston / Mark James
        Editor / Colorist: Ryan Owen Eddleston

        Shot largely with the "DSO" Flare Factory 58 (EF Mount) Ultra low contrast, amber tint, Industrial matte black fixed quasi 1.5 lens, on the Canon 5D mark iii. The grade was a subtle contrast adjustment, the look was mostly in camera.

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      • Music Video

      • Y Ffug

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    • Music Video

    • Gruff Rhys

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    • Music Video

    • Gulp

  • Broadcast

    • Bafta Cymru Winner the_title()
      • 1x60 minutes

      • The Poet Who Loved the War: Ivor Gurney

      • BAFTA Cymru Awards 2014: Photography Factual Winner
      • BBC Productions / 2014


        Broadcast on BBC Four 30/03/2014
        Available on Iplayer

        Director Of Photography: Ryan Owen Eddleston
        Director / Producer: Clive Flowers
        Exec Producer: Mike Poole, Editor: Madoc Roberts
        Presenter: Professor Tim Kendall from the University of Exeter.
        Cast: Robin Willingham, Ross Langford

        Shot on the Canon C300 & Canon 5D mark iii with vintage Nippon Kogaku / Nikon lenses, in France, Belgium, England & Wales.

        "superb work, some lovely camera work" Paul Franks
        "The photography was excellent" Prof Edgar Jones
        "beautifully written and shot" Prof Michael Parker
        "gorgeous documentary on Ivor Gurney" Tom Motley

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      • 1x60 minutes

      • BBC Orchestra

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    • 1x60 minutes

    • Roath Lock

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    • 1x60 minutes

    • Doctor Who

    • BBC Wales


    Ryan Owen Eddleston


    I’m originally from Blackburn, Lancashire & over the last couple of decades I've been in Cardiff, Wales where I’ve been working as a Director of Photography shooting feature films, documentaries & music promos.

    I shot the documentary ‘American Interior’ over 3 months in the USA, which screened at SXSW Film Festival & was released in cinemas by Soda Pictures, is now available on DVD, and I have just been nominated for a BAFTA Cymru.
    I also shot the documentary ‘The Poet That Loved The War: Ivor Gurney’ in France & Belgium, which was broadcast on BBC Four, which I won the BAFTA Cymru for.
    I also shot the feature film ‘Benny & Jolene’ which screened at festivals, was released in cinemas and is now available on DVD by Verve Pictures.
    I've recently DOP'd the feature film 'A Wonderful Christmas Time' starring Dylan Edwards & Laura Haddock, which is out in November as limited release in cinemas, then DVD and On Demand.
    I've also worked as as a 2nd unit DOP, and camera operator on bigger budget feature films such as Friday Download Movie and Under Milk Wood (starring Rhys Ifans).
    I'm scheduled to DOP the feature film 'Black Mountain Poets' in Wales over October & November.

    I've worked with most high end cameras such as the Alexa, Amira and Epic, I reguarly travel for work and I'm happy to work as a DOP, 2nd unit DOP or a camera operator.

    I've just been nominated for two BAFTA Cymru Awards, and won a BAFTA Cymru Award, my work has screened at notable festivals around the world & has broadcast on the BBC, Channel 4, S4C, MTV and Sky.

    American Interior (DOP) - BAFTA Cymru Awards nomination 2014
    Ivor Gurney (DOP) - BAFTA Cymru Award winner 2014
    A Wonderful Christmas Time (DOP)
    Benny & Jolene (DOP)
    Friday Download Movie (Cam Op)
    Under Milk Wood (2nd unit DOP)
    Petroleum Spirit (2nd camera)